PCAF’s Art Gallery

PCAF has new artwork hanging in our gallery from featured and local artist, Amberly Dewes. Come by our office in Tacoma and see the beautiful dolls crafted specially for PCAF’s gallery. We are very thankful to have Amberly share her artistry with us and our community! Amberly is donating a portion of the proceeds from this gallery to PCAF; if you’re interested in purchasing a doll for your collection or as a gift, please contact us at info@piercecountyaids.org.

Previous featured artists have included:

Below is a brief excerpt about the beautiful dolls from the artist herself!



-A visually appealing, tactile object

My main focus in creating my first doll was how it felt in my hands, how it felt when i looked at it. In the beginning, my dolls were made from what i had on hand at home, and were completely stitched together by hand. Several dolls were made this way until I braved the sewing machine.

There was quite a bit of whimsy in the beginning. My creations continue to evolve and I am learning more from each item I craft. It has been quite a process, and i am looking forward to what will come next.

-My first doll

My first doll was created for my youngest daughter, Juniper Lemon. I wanted her to have a doll that was handmade and special just for her. From this sprung Jumping Juniper Handmade Dolls as it seemed appropriate to incorporate her name into the business. As all things do, this name evolved into Lemon Heart which is really a nicer pace for me personally.

Something that has been important to me from the beginning was representing all people. All families. All individuals (animals, too!).

I also wanted to keep them affordable so that more people within my community could enjoy a quality, handmade doll and feel good about their purchase.

I want people to be able to have something that makes them feel represented. To feel comforted.

My name is Amberly. I am an artist/crafter/creator that resides in Tacoma, WA. I am the mother of five busy children in a blended family. I am easily inspired to make things…all…the…time. Thank you for stopping in.

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