Prevention Groups

Black Women Speak Rally

Did you know that in the US, black women are diagnosed with HIV four times more often than Latina or white women? In the South Puget Sound, 6% of the population is African American, yet 27% of PCAF’s HIV positive female clients are black. This disparity demonstrates how racism and sexism combine to increase the risk of HIV infection for black women in our community.


Black Women Speak Rally provides a space where black women can connect with each other and form supportive relationships.  Through networking and fellowship they work to confront the racism and sexism encountered in their everyday lives. With a focus on sisterhood and empowerment, this program is a safe space for ALL black women. The program also seeks to connect women with community resources while highlighting locally owned, black women businesses and organizations. Previous rallies have included discussions and open mics and have been focused on the following topics:

  • Micro-aggressions, racism and sexism
  • Self-advocacy in the workplace, school, and healthcare system
  • Holistic healing from racial based trauma

Black Women Speak Rally began in August of 2015 and meets quarterly.  For more information on the next rally, contact Cana Caldwell at

El Batallón Unido

The group El Batallón Unido serves  Latina/o lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and allies (LGBTQA) who speak  Spanish as their predominant language. The group’s weekly meetings, events, activities, marketing materials and workshops are all in Spanish, but for those Latino/a LGBTQA individuals who do not speak Spanish, there is some support in translating.Latino infographic for support group page

El Batallón Unido programming creates opportunities for members to establish social networks and get informed about many issues affecting Latino/a LGBTQA people.  The meetings, activities, and programming help enrich the lives of groups participates. The group invites local persons or organizations that have expertise on issues that affect Latino/a LGBTQA to bring their expertise to the group.  The issues the group addresses are:

  • Education
  • HIV/AIDS and other STD’s
  • Mental Health
  • Substance Abuse
  • Housing
  • General Health
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Family
  • Other topics the group would like to address

The group does not provide direct support to those individuals needing assistance, but collaborates with local organizations to create a referral base to help those needing assistance.

Mpowerment Tacoma

gay and bisexual men infographic for support group page MPOWERMENTMpowerment Tacoma is a premier social group for men who identify as gay and bisexual and are age 25 or older. The goal of the group is to provide gay and bisexual men a place to meet others for social engagement outside of the bars and highly sexualized settings. Creating a community that is supportive of healthy behaviors such as condom negation, reduction or elimination of drug and alcohol use, and reducing the number of sexual partners is vital in the prevention of HIV. Mpowerment Tacoma facilitators are community health workers that have a deep understanding of the many issues that contribute to HIV transmission. They facilitate workshops and activities that increase participant’s skills and knowledge about safer sex practices, sexual partner communication, and other relevant skills, all while maintaining a fun and sex positive atmosphere.

Workshops include:

  • Safer sex practices
  • Utilization of healthcare systems
  • LGBTQ history
  • HIV 101
  • STD/I 101

Mpowerment Tacoma group members also have opportunities to engage in fun activities such as:

  • Annual Camping Trip
  • Outings to museums and other cultural activities
  • Potlucks
  • Game nights
  • Discussion groups

For more information, contact (253) 722-0706 or